•  The Energy reform is a reality in Mexico and its first results have begun to materialize. The first rounds of hydrocarbon exploration and extraction blocks, as well as the first electric auctions have been awarded, and it is expected that the economic, productive and technological benefits could soon trigger an historic transformation of the Mexican energy sector.
  •  At the same time, the past months have seen noticeable changes as a result of the opening of the market in the oil sector value chain: open seasons in pipelines and storage, permits to private companies for import, transport, distribution and storage of oil products, as well as the deregulation of gasoline and diesel prices, which will conclude at the end of this year.
  •  In the electric sector, progress has been made in the development of power, energy and clean energy certificate markets, through auctions. There have also been announcements of important investments in renewable energy, to provide the country with clean energy at a competitive price.
  •  Yet despite the progress and success, significant challenges exist on the path to realizing Mexico’s full energy potential. These challenges include regulatory, financial, operational, human resource and technological aspects, amongst others.
  •  ENERGY MEXICO OIL + GAS + POWER 2018 EXPO & CONGRESS is the best forum of the year to understand the complexity and transformation of the energy sector in Mexico. It is also an unprecedented event that will provide an overall view of the global energy market and its relationship with the national market, combining the perspectives of the public and private sector.
  •  For the third consecutive year, ENERGY MEXICO will be the main energy event in Mexico, where all the sectors of the industry will come together: oil, gas, power and renewables. It is the only event organized by businesspeople for businesspeople that combines a world-class congress with an international level exhibit floor, where the most advanced operational, financial and technological solutions will be presented.

Due to its first class portfolio, world renowned exhibitors and unrivaled business interaction, ENERGY MEXICO will be without a doubt the most relevant and important Energy Congress and Expo to take place in Mexico in 2018. The actors that define the global and national energy industry will be present at this event

The 2018 edition will cover this and many other topics:

New global and regional perspectives on energy.

Consolidation of investments in the Mexican Energy sector.

Progress and challenges in the opening of markets in Mexico.

Future oil rounds.

ENERGY MEXICO is a world class event promoted by the private sector. It is organized by the consulting Energy firms EnergeA and HCX and E.J. Krause Tarsus de México, a global leader in event organization.


The players who define the country's and the world's energy agenda will participate in ENERGY MEXICO Oil Gas Power 2017 Expo & Congress.

    2nd EDITION